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Michelle and Lauren are proud to be the creative directors of Kulture on Windsor, the hair salon they have been passionately growing since its inception in 2006.


Kulture on Windsor was the brainchild of both directors who thought, wouldn’t it be incredible to own our own business? With a desire to train apprentices and create dream jobs for themselves and others, Kulture on Windsor was born!


Their goal, with the help of their team, is to create a harmonious salon with emphasis on client experience. Everything they do is for the benefit of their valued customers – from the initial consultation through to the final product.


Both Lauren and Michelle believe a comfortable, relaxing salon experience is crucial, so all their staff, including a manager Lisa, who is trained in both hairdressing and descriptive consultations to learn needs, wants, and expectations. They make sure that everyone leaves with not only beautiful hair, but feeling like they have been heard, listened to, and appreciated.


Lauren’s favourite part of her job is creating beautiful hair and deep connections with her clients. She loves people and ensuring every trip to Kulture on Windsor is a memorable one. Michelle believes sharing stories is an essential part of the experience too, as well as matching lifestyles with hairstyles.


This dynamic duo is also all about progress! They are goal-driven and excited about the future, especially when it involves trend changes and advancements in hair styling. They can’t wait to welcome you into Kulture on Windsor and make you look and feel fabulous!

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It takes a special type of hairstylist to tame fluffy, curly, or uncontrollable hair, which is why Lisa’s skillset at Kulture on Windsor is invaluable. Lisa is not only a manager, apprentice manager, and involved in staff relations, but a superstar when it comes to salon treatments.


She has been working with the Kulture on Windsor team since October 2017 and loves everything to do with Keratin treatments. If you think your hair is past the point of no return, then it’s time to make an appointment with Lisa! The results will surprise you.


When Lisa isn’t performing magic on her clients’ hair, she’s involved in all aspects of the salon. She loves being able to work with a talented team and enjoys the energetic workplace dynamic. She has also been in the industry for several years and is proud to have the opportunity to pass her knowledge onto new generations so they can excel.


While salon life is Lisa’s passion, she’s also all about family. She has two children, Ollie and Masie, and loves nothing more than to spend time with them and those closest to her.


Is it time to tame those unruly locks? Make an appointment with Lisa and let her work her magic.

“Your Thoughts Become Things - what you put out is what you want to get back in life.”

Lisa Black
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With youthful enthusiasm and an ever-present smile on her face and fresh eyes for the industry Mia has quickly slotted into Kulture's friendly fun environment.

She has been working with the Kulture On Windsor team since May 2022 and loves everything to do with hair and all the client comforts.


When Mia isn’t  learning all the magic at the salon or at SIT  she will be found hanging with her friends being a social butterfly.


It’s clear to see that Mia has exceptional talent and something unique to offer and is very passionate about her career.

So, if you're feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders a pamper at the basin with Mia is sure to wash away the troubles of the day.

Mia looks forward to welcoming all new and existing clients into Kulture on Windsor for a new, refreshing look.

"Instead of worrying about what you cannot control shift your energy to what you can create"

Mia Donnelly
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With a large as life personality and passion for people, Tammy from Kulture on Windsor is a creative senior stylist you’ll gladly leave your hair in the capable hands (and scissors) of! Tammy has been a part of the Kulture team since November 2018 and brings a wealth of knowledge to the salon. She has been in hairdressing since 2013 and also has a diploma in Beauty Therapy to be able to offer the full package!


Tammy loves the fun atmosphere and team she gets to work with, but also the fantastic people who walk through the salon doors every day. She enjoys nothing more than to play with bright and funky colours to match people’s personalities, as well as Keratin treatments to tame even the wildest hair.


When she’s not teaching people to love their hair, she’s spending time with her family and playing sports. She’s in her happy place playing volleyball and netball, walking her dog Koda around our beautiful Queens Park, and acting as a taxi driver for her son, DJ who’s right into his sports as well.


Once Tammy has finished with your hair, you’ll love the result as much as she enjoyed creating it. Get in touch today to make your appointment with this superstar stylist!


 “A diamond is a chunk of coal that did well under pressure”

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